Koul Tools hose assembly tools for AN Fittings and Push Lock Hoses

Does assembling AN hose and Push-Lock fittings drive you nuts? It will ease your mind to know that Koul Tools has a real solution for high performance plumbing that makes assembling these hoses and fittings so much easier. The EZ-ON Hose Press and AN Hose Assembly Tools will put those rascals together in seconds.



The Surseat Mini allows you to fix leaky brake line fittings by lapping tubing flares

Now you can lap-in your flared hard lines to ensure optimum sealing with fuel and brake line fittings. The Surseat flare lapping tool utilizes a diamond dust coated lapping head to clean up and hone tubing flares. The Surseat will not only perfect your newly-flared tubing, it can also repair the seal on an existing one.


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