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EZ-ON Hose Press Model 426

(9 customer reviews)


  • Installs 1/4″ to 1″ hose.
  • Vise holds straight and angled fittings.
  • Includes custom carrying case.

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— Six-month warranty.

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US PATENT 9,878,429

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Simply secure the fitting into the vise, clamp the hose in the traveling carriage, and turn the drive screw system with a ratchet or impact gun. The EZ-ON Hose Press 426 installs the hose in just seconds.


No more smashing fingers or repetitive injuries. The patented drive screw system used with a small impact gun is ergonomically efficient.


The hose clamps and vise are removable, making it possible to create custom clamps for non-standard fittings and hoses.


The EZ-ON Hose Press 426 is lightweight and requires no power source making mobile hose repair a piece of cake.


Ball Corporation • Bosch • Boston Scientific • Coca Cola • Corpus Medical • Caterpillar • Exelon • Fiat Powertrain • Ford • General Motors • Graham Packaging • Honeywell • Intel • Los Alamos National Lab • NASA • Parker • Pepsi • Pratt Whitney • Praxair • Republic Services • Stanley Steamer • Tesla • Uber • US Navy


Custom clamps and fitting holders can be made for all kinds of hose assemblies including Y fittings, elbow fittings, and T fittings.

If your application fits in this category, please contact us for a consultation.


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

Capacity: 1/4 to 1 inch hose

Travel: 3 inches

Material: Aluminum and stainless steel

Drivetrain: Lead screw and nut

Tools needed: Small impact gun and 17 mm socket

9 reviews for EZ-ON Hose Press Model 426

  1. Direct Performance Solutions (verified owner)

    We were tired of fighting push lock fittings that would leak. Decided to buy this tool and it’s $250 well spent.

  2. Scott Yaskus

    This is a well built tool that works. A timesaver.

  3. Russell @ Nerd Rods

    This tool is AMAZING!!!! We use the push locks on everything here at Nerd Rods from out custom fuel systems, to power steering return lines (not the pressure power steering line obviously) and oil cooling systems on the transmission and engines. Heck we probably use 12-30 ends on each chassis leaving our shop and at 14-20 chassis a year that A LOT of end.

    I did the first car with the push lock ends and hand bruises on the insides of my palms after two days of fighting with them to get them all seated. Got this tool and did a whole car in a matter of hours. It paid for itself on the first car in time alone. Here we are 20-30 chassis projects later and well over 300 ends, probably closer to 400 and we’ve finally worn out the little plastic jaws (just call, they have replacements if you use it that much) killer tool everyone should own, hands down!

  4. Robert Taylor (verified owner)

    Wow, just WOW!
    In a world full of disappointments, this bad-arsed tool does satisfy. Built like a tank, will last my lifetime, and makes a painful and difficult chore a breeze.
    Pays for itself in one morning of quick and easy hose assembly. Grips so nicely that it will seat hose already covered in woven fiberglass firesleeve. Too koul.

  5. Barry Lloyd-Godfrey racing engines

    Bought this tool a year ago and use it quite often. What a time saver.
    Thumbs up. My boss bought this for the company at PRI and what a joy to use.

  6. Mike

    Amazing tools! It’s a shame though that they’re cased in cheap blow molded cases that have those horrible wear and break hinges and locks. A few more pennies for slide together hinges and 2 piece locks. Beats the heck out of holding it together with duct tape later down the line!

    • koultools

      Hello Mike,

      Sorry about your case hinge breaking. We have had a few cases fail out of
      3000. It is still our responsibility to take care of our customers.
      I have a s/s hinge repair kit I will send to you to get your case back in shape.
      If you will send me your address, I will get it off to you in the mail.

  7. Greg Palmer (verified owner)

    One of the best tools I have purchased in awhile. Great tool

  8. Michael Ballard

    Much more durable and solidly constructed than I expected. We had over 150 1/2″ Swagelok Push Lock fittings to install, and this tool handled them without a problem. I can turn the bolt by hand to fully install a 1/2″ Push Lock fitting with this, but it’s much quicker with a wrench or a drill. I’ve since used it for about a dozen 3/8″ air lines as well. I never noticed any damage to any of the hoses from this, either.

    Fantastic tool, even in our industrial setting I expect this to last many years.

  9. Scott Obermeier – Aircraft Accessories of America (verified owner)

    Wow, this tool is amazing.

    I install and crimp hundreds of barbed hose fittings during the course of a year. I have been using a Dixon 270AT which required my holding the hose and re-positioning it a few times while the barbed fitting was being pushed into the hose to insure it would go in straight. The Dixon 270AT holding cam would also chew up the exterior of the hose. The Dixon 270AT = A lot of effort

    I just bought the Koul Tool EZ ON Hose Press 409B and it arrived a few days ago. I just tried it for the first time yesterday morning (2019-05-03). Sayin g it is amazing is an understatement as to how well this tool works. It held onto the hose firmly without marring or chewing it up and then pushed the hose onto the barbed fitting very easily.

    This tool performs exactly as the inventor intended…..FLAWLESSLY. Very well thought out design, small footprint, well built, and best of all, it’s price is very reasonable.
    The Koul Tool 409B = Very little if any effort

    The question now is what to do with the Dixon dinosaur?

    Check out my website http://WWW.Aircraftaccessoriesofamerica.com to see the hoses we make

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