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EZ-ON Hose Press Model 427


Hose barb installation tool inserts fittings quickly and safely

Durable stainless-steel parts and an ergonomically efficient design make the EZ-ON Hose Press 427 your high-volume hose assembly option. Simply clamp the hose and fitting securely and turn the patented lead-screw drive train with a small impact gun.

  • Installs both straight and angled fittings from 1/4″ to 1″.
  • Includes a custom carrying case.

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Part #: 427

US PATENT 9,878,429




Installing barb fittings is simple with the EZ-ON Hose Press 427. Simply secure the straight or angled fitting in the vise, clamp the hose into the traveling carriage, and turn the drive screw system with a small impact gun and 17mm socket.


Constructed of stainless steel, the newly engineered EZ-ON Hose Press 427 utilizes guide rods for a powerful, precise installation. It will give you a lifetime of quick, easy hose assembly.


The lead-screw drive system in tandem with a small impact gun offer an ergonomically efficient process that requires minimal effort.


The hose clamps and vise are removable, making it possible to create custom clamps for non-standard fittings and hoses.


Lightweight and operated by a small, battery-powered impact gun, the EZ-ON Hose Press makes mobile hose assembly a piece of cake.


Weight: 12.5 pounds

Dimensions: 10.75 x 5.25 x 4.625 inches

Capacity: 1/4 to 1 inch hose

Travel: 3 inches

Material: Stainless steel

Drive train: Lead screw and nut

Tools needed: Small impact gun and 17 mm socket


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