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An imperfection on the sealing surface of a fitting can cause it to leak. And what if it is a weld-in bung? In the past you would have to replace the fitting, a major headache, but now you can repair it on the spot. The Fitting Fixer utilizes an inverted cone, diamond-dust coated lapping head to repair the conical surface and restore the seal with the flared tube.

Using this tool is simple.  The damaged fitting screws into a guide that holds it in place. Next, connect the lapping head to a drill and spin it intermittently about a half dozen times. Inspect the sealing surface to see if there are any imperfections. If damage is still visible, repeat the lapping process until you have a clean surface.

Using Fitting Fixer

Screw fitting into guide
Attach Fitting Fixer lapping head to drill
Spray lube into lapping head

1. Screw the fitting into the appropriate sized guide.

2. Connect the lapping head to a drill extending it at least 1/4" from the end of the chuck.

3. Holding the lapping head upward, spray a light lubricant into the cavity. This allows the lube to stay inside.

Insert lapping head into guide
Spin lapping head
Inspect the sealing surface of the fitting

4. Insert the lapping head into the guide and over the fitting.

5. Spin the lapping head on the fitting, releasing every 2-3 seconds to prevent clogging of the abrasive residue.

6. After about 5-6 passes with the drill, remove the fitting. Next, clean and inspect the sealing surface. Repeat step 5 if necessary.


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