Remove Push-Lock Hose Without Scoring the Fitting

In this video we show you how to remove push-lock hose without damaging the fitting. After releasing the EZ-ON Hose Press, our push lock hose tool that installs these types of hoses in mere seconds, it seemed fit to share our tip for removing them. This hose removal method works for all brands and sizes, including Parker and Gates hoses.

The old way of removing the hose from the barb was to take a knife and cut down the hose. While that was efficient, it did more harm than good. Using a knife or razor blade to remove the hose could damage the barb on the fitting and lead to a leak.

Remove push-lock hose with a soldering iron. That’s right, instead of using a knife to do the job, take a soldering gun and put a plastic cutting tip¬†on it. Next, bend it 90 degrees so it acts like a cutting blade. Then, after letting it heat up, slowly use it to cut down the hose.

While this method might take a little longer than using a knife, it will leave the barb perfectly intact. How do we know that? Because we did it over 800 times at the SEMA Show with out scoring the barb once.

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