Stop Fighting With Those Push Lock Hoses

When it comes to complete aggravation, putting a push lock hose together comes close to the very top of the list. As a matter of fact, the most common question seen on internet forums is “how do you do the push lock hoses?” And, most of the answers are way off the track.

EZ-ON Hose Press push lock hose tool installs industrial hose onto barbed fittings.

The EZ-ON Hose Press installs -4 to -16 push lock hoses.

Here at Koul Tools we believe that the easiest possible method of marrying the hose and fitting together is with our EZ-ON Hose Press.

Difficult Methods of Installing Push Lock Hoses

These are the traditional methods. They do make it a lot harder to get the job done and could be problematic.

The Boiling Water Method

This method requires that you boil water to a rolling boil stage (above 212F) and then dip at least 5 – 6” of the hose and the fittings into the water and let them sit there for 15 – 20 minutes. Lubricate both the hose and fitting and push them together. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  It is until you can’t get the hose past the second barb and then you can’t get it off to do it again.

The Heat Gun Method 

This gets scary when you have to hold each of the sections next to 800+ degree heat!  Burning the hose is common.

The Fastest, Easiest, and Safest Way

Koul Tools is proud that we were able to come up with a tool for you to install push lock hoses the easiest and fastest way ever!

If you’re tired of fighting with push lock hoses, check out the video below:

How’s that for simple?  That’s our EZ-On Hose Press.  You can order it directly on our website.

All the components for -4 to -16 push lock hoses are included. Better yet, they come with their own case and are color coded to make it easy to confirm at a glance that you have the right size.

Think of how much aggravation you can avoid.  We hope you enjoyed the video.


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  1. Barby lloyd
    | Reply

    I presently own the ez on hose press and love it. I damaged one of my jaws and lost part of another one. Where can I get replacements?

    • koultools
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment! We sell replacements. Give us a call at 928-854-6706.

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