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Push Lock Hose Tool

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  • Portable.
  • Works with battery-powered impact gun.
  • Installs straight and angled fittings.
  • Works with 1/4″ to 1″ hose.
  • Made of investment cast steel.
  • Includes custom carrying case.

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Product Description

The EZ-ON Hose Press is a portable push lock hose tool that makes assembling -4 to -16 fittings a piece of cake. Simply clamp the fitting into the stationary vise, the hose into the traveling carriage, then turn the lead screw with an impact gun. The EZ-ON Hose Press will push the hose onto the barb in only a few seconds. There is no need to heat the hose with boiling water or heat guns.

The soon to be released Mega Press is a push-on hose machine that will serve the needs of industrial plumbing operations. It will assemble 1/4" to 3" straight and angled fittings. Like the EZ-ON Hose Press, it's a portable, battery powered tool you can take it with you for on-site hose assembly. The Mega Press delivers 1 ton of pressure with 1/4" impact gun.

EZ-ON Hose Press Details


The EZ-ON Hose Press push lock hose tool is stored in a custom molded case. All the fitting adapters required for -4 to -16 fittings are stored within the case. The kit must stored as shown for the case to close.


The extended jaws are used for -4 to -8 hose.


The short jaws are used for -10 to -16 hoses.


The chart on the bottom of the case matches the color of the adapters to the size of the fittings. The adapters are also marked with the dash numbers. The pinned adapters are used for angled fittings.

EZ-ON Hose Press Instructions


Place the proper adapter in the stationary vise and push them in.


For straight fittings, use the round adapters as shown.


To remove the adapter, use a pin punch or something similar.


Install the fitting as shown. Do not over tighten. Some of the brands will require a looser clamp to line up the hose. Hold the fitting in place until you get the hose started, then tighten the clamp.


Clamp the hose in the jaws of the traveling carriage. Leave enough hose exposed so that the hose can be fully installed on the end of the barb without interfering with the clamp.


If necessary, lubricate the barb of the fitting with a mild soap solution. Most of the time there is no real need for any hose assembly lube when using the EZ-ON Hose Press.


The EZ-ON Hose Press is built with stops as a safety measure. If the carriage hits the stops, retract the hose clamp carriage and reclamp the hose. Do not over tighten the carriage against the stops. In the photo, the clamp jaw has been removed from the carriage to expose the stops.


A few fitting manufacturers make their fittings with a tight radius. In this case, remove the plastic adapters and clamp the hose as shown. A little practice and you will get it.


When assembling fittings with a tight radius, you can use your free hand to guide the hose onto the barb and to hold it level with the hose if necessary.


Install the hose with a impact gun and 17 mm socket.

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2 reviews for Push Lock Hose Tool

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    We were tired of fighting push lock fittings that would leak. Decided to buy this tool and it’s $250 well spent.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a well built tool that works. A timesaver.

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